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Blanco Professional Repositions Itself

Simplified Structures, Increasing Internationality

Marking its 90th anniversary, the Blanco Professional Group has decided to realign itself. The renowned B2B manufacturer of commercial kitchens, medical facilities and for industry is following a realignment programme with various aims. As part of this, the family-owned corporate group strives to extend its internationalisation. CEO Ronald Spleiss also hopes to advance the development of profitable, market-oriented products whilst reducing the complexity of the company. To achieve this, Blanco Professional plans to exploit existing synergy potential and streamline its portfolio.

"It's about long-term perspectives," emphasises Roland Spleiss. "This is why we have decided to realign ourselves and focus on our strengths. This is a decisive step." In coming months, the company will implement extensive measures in the various business units.

  • In the future, the Catering business unit will concentrate on the standard area of food distribution, transport and serving.
  • The Medical business unit puts its long-term faith standard and functional furniture.
  • The Industrial business unit has already re-organised its project management and is developing positively on a wider basis.
  • The Railway business unit which, like the Industrial unit, supplies industry, is currently undertaking an ambitious project to optimise the workflow and order processing system.

"Blanco Professional aims to enter the next decades with even more strength, capable of impressing our customers in the long term with intelligent, service-oriented solutions with premium quality," states Spleiss. "In order to achieve this goal, the planned measures are the core requirement".



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