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Blanco Professional Acquires Brimato

Strategic impulse for company growth

Blanco Professional is consistently pursuing its growth strategy as it takes over Brimato Catering Automation Technology GmbH in Hilter, Lower Saxony, Germany with immediate effect. Brimato is a specialist in process automation for commercial, washing and portioning kitchens and has business relations worldwide. Blanco Professional is taking on all Brimato employees at the Hilter site. Brimato will become a subsidiary wholly owned by Blanco Professional.


Roland Spleiss, chief executive officer at Blanco Professional, emphasises the valuable synergy effects gained thanks to the takeover. "Brimato is a highly successful company which exports over 50 percent of its products. Combined with our service range, its portfolio offers new opportunities for many customers. This strategic partnership will help us to position ourselves as a solutions provider with pioneering proposals on an international scale."


Georg Brinkmann, Brimato CEO, is also looking forward to working together. "As a reliable partner with many years of extensive experience in the industry, Blanco Professional is pursuing a focused growth strategy based on automation and internationalisation. Blanco Professional understands Brimato's business and is the ideal partner to continue our existing path of success thanks to the numerous synergy effects."


Brimato's many years of established expertise in automated process optimisation played a pivotal role in Blanco Professional management board's decision to acquire Brimato. The Hilter-based specialist's customers include airline catering companies, non-food caterers, student unions and hospitals, who will all benefit from improved efficiency, higher hygiene standards and reduced physical strain on staff. For example, Brimato technical solutions automatically clear tray transport trolleys and guide them into the trolley washing tunnel. Once the dishwasher cleaning process is complete, the Brimato automatic plate stacking unit stacks plates into the plate dispenser. Processes are accelerated and simplified, thus becoming more efficient.


Such integrated service offerings from a single supplier will enable Blanco Professional to consistently honour its pledge to put the customer first. Its flexible, modular product systems and services can be combined with the process automation systems developed by Brimato. Bringing the Blanco Professional portfolio together with Brimato's process-oriented automation solutions enables us to strengthen our joint position in the face of international competition. 


Brimato also excels due to its high capacity for innovation. For example, the automation specialist developed a packaging system for cutlery sets. The BVA 800 packs 800 customised sets per hour.


"Digitisation and internationalisation are two main pillars in our growth strategy," stresses Roland Spleiss. "Integrating Brimato allows us to reinforce both columns significantly."



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