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Variety in Series

Re-Launch of the Basic Line Food Serving System

With the re-launch of the Basic Line food serving system, Blanco Professional presents four equipment variants, each carefully matched to particular customer requirements for food presentation.


The "Smart" equipment variant prioritises economy and function while "Emotion" brings a breath of fresh air to everyday life with its coloured panelling. The "Design" variant delivers exquisite food presentation whilst offering an extensive variety of colours, materials and options. With a lowered height, the "Kids" equipment variant is perfect for catering for children and young people. The other variants are also available with a lower tray slide for use by younger diners.


Basic Line is made even more flexible and modular thanks to the addition of numerous new modules and options. Maximum versatility is created with variable lengths and angles, an ample selection of Resopal decors and energy-saving LED lighting. Yet more scope for variation is offered by hinged doors on the underframe for more storage space, the elegant "Highline" bridge attachment for the "Design" equipment variant and other details.


An overview of the four new Basic Line equipment variants is available on the new microsite:


The new, user-friendly configurator allows you to customise the equipment variants very easily at:


Amid all the new features and equipment options, we shouldn't forget that Basic Line is and remains a functional food serving system with a modern, linear design for every purpose, atmosphere and budget. 



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