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Perfect style, optimised filter system

Blanco Cook front cooking station upgrade

Blanco Professional is kicking off the 2017 season with the launch of an upgraded version of the successful Blanco Cook front cooking station. New highlights are more panelling options and significantly simplified handling for the customer.

Now, the exhaust ducts on the extraction bridge can also be configured in colour, with powder-coated panelling in a total of 13 colours. The panelling is easy to attach and to remove for cleaning. So it's not just the front and side panelling that can be brought to life in colour – the top of the front cooking station can be, too. Stylish from top to toe, it harmonises perfectly with its surroundings, or adds deliberate contrasts.

The grease and odour filter box has also been optimised further. Two slim charcoal filter pads replace the previous 16 heavy cartridges in the active charcoal filter system. This makes replacing the filter much easier, while reducing operating costs per hour and making the cooking station lighter.

For more information on the main changes, please see our explanatory video:



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