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A three-star real star

Elite chef Marc Haeberlin visits Blanco Professional in Oberderdingen

High-profile visit to Blanco Professional in Oberderdingen, Germany, the system supplier for commercial kitchens, medical facilities and industry: elite chef Marc Haeberlin gave us the honour of preparing exquisite dishes on the front cooking station Blanco Cook recently. Chef at the French premier restaurant Auberge de l'Ill, Haeberlin is a superstar in the culinary profession and son of another celebrated chef, Paul Haeberlin. The Haeberlins have maintained the three stars for their cuisine for over four decades. Year after year, thousands of gourmets, monarchs, princes, ministers and industrialists have made a pilgrimage to savour the Haeberlins' cooking in the Alsatian village of Illhaeusern.

Cooking for the camera

Marc Haeberlin prepared food before the cameras in the Blanco Professional showroom. Before preparation commenced, a cooking environment was created in the style of a modern event location, featuring the Blanco Basic Line serving system with serving trolleys, plate dispensers and Blancotherm food transport containers. This set-up allows master chefs to cook while diners look on. Maître Haeberlin demonstrated his skills on meat and fish, making mouths truly water among a total of twenty attendees.

Marc Haeberlin clearly enjoyed cooking with the Blanco Professional equipment: "I think that when I present the Blanco Cook front cooking station to some of my colleagues, they'll be very taken with it and want to try it out immediately, because it's truly exceptional." We shouldn't neglect to mention that he is considering equipping his wife's culinary school with Blanco Professional products.
Right up close –
experience production and the front cooking video:

"Making of"

The video Master chef Marc Haeberlin meets BLANCO COOK




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