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New assistants on set

The new generation of Blanco Cook table-top cooking units

Filling rush orders: Grilling, stir-frying, or deep-frying – the new generation of Blanco Cook table-top cooking units offers even more possibilities when it comes to cooking in front of guests. The 13 cooking units are energetically optimised and boast a new, high-quality Blanco product design.


New to the scene is a trio for mouthwatering cooking spectacles: A 2‑zone induction hob, a surface induction hob and a large, powerful griddle with a width of 800 mm.


The 13 cooking units are characterised by top reliability and a long operating life. The newcomers are compatible with previous Blanco Cook units and are 100% "Made in Germany".


Thanks to the compact design and a depth of just 62 cm, all of the table-top cooking units fit onto every standard worktop and can be flexibly combined – from deep fryer and Ceran hob through pasta cooker, bain-marie and hot plate all the way to a range of griddles and induction hobs. To facilitate simplified handling, all units are now equipped with rotary knobs. Flat, scratch-resistant surfaces made of Ceran and stainless steel ensure optimal hygiene.


Together with the heart of the mobile cooking system, the Blanco Cook front cooking station BC FS, the Blanco Cook table-top cooking units offer new technology in a timeless design.



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