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The master of food transport presents its new appearance.

The new tray transport trolleys from BLANCO

The new generation of Blanco tray transport trolleys makes transporting food easier, and its appearance has been perfectly redesigned. With its conceptional innovations, the well-insulated trolleys provide excellent, ergonomic handling.

All two-compartment and three-compartment models now have doors which can be opened independently from one another to make loading and unloading trays even easier. Because each compartment now has its own door, the temperatures in the divided compartments can be held constant longer.

The passive cooling is another innovation. Instead of attaching the cooling elements to the partition walls as in the past, they are now attached directly to the inside of the doors. This makes the cooling elements more easily accessible. Undesirable air exchange between the compartments is prevented because all the components now have completely seamless deep-drawn ledge walls. With this design, the trolley interior is also easy to clean.

Because they are equipped with an all-round wide bumper rail, Blanco tray transport trolleys are very durable and bring food to the guest safely. Four extra-long ergonomic push handles make manoeuvring easier. The seamlessly deep-drawn support ledges with tip safety help you load and unload trays swiftly. The high-quality design of the new Blanco tray transport trolleys enables safe and hygienic food distribution in the tray system.



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