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market-oriented, competent, reliable.

BLANCO Professional produces high-quality capital goods for commercial kitchens, medical facilities and industry.

The group organises its skills and abilities into four highly specialised business units:

BLANCO Professional Catering CATERING

Products and systems for professional commercial kitchens.

The Catering business unit manufactures products and systems for professional commercial kitchens, e.g. in hotels, canteens, hospitals and schools.

The business unit offers cost-effective and customer-oriented solutions for processes in food logistics. This includes systems for storing food, portioning, transporting, keeping food cold or hot and front cooking (show cooking) with food presentation.

BLANCO Professional Medical MEDICAL

Functional medical furniture for clinics, medical practices and outpatient departments.

The Medical business unit is a supplier of medical functional furniture for clinics, hospitals, medical practices and outpatient departments.

The product range includes functional trolleys, ISO transport trolleys and mobile furniture for operating theatres. This includes, for instance, sterile equipment transport trolleys, bandage and treatment trolleys.


BLANCO Professional Industrial INDUSTRIAL

Custom-made high-precision pieces using stainless steel, aluminium or synthetics for industry.

The Industrial business unit produces custom-made high-precision pieces using stainless steel, aluminium or synthetics for industry.

This includes components for laboratory technology, white goods (electrical household appliances) and automotive parts. The in-house toolmaking, modern production equipment, CAD design and highly-trained employees are guarantees for the quality of the industrial parts.


BLANCO Professional Railway Railway

Equipment for galley kitchens and bistros on high-speed trains.

The Railway business unit produces individual stainless steel components and complete systems for the food service technology of rail vehicles, for example space-saving water system concepts and completely integrated galley kitchens for high-speed trains.