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Equipment for OT and ambulance


Seldomly instrument tables or the operating theatre step stool  are in the limelight - nevertheless, like other BLANCO equipment, they are indispensable in the OT. 

Instrument Table
Instrument table
Properly sorted and within reach
  • All operating instruments have their place
  • Available in versions:
    • mobile
    • height-adjustable
    • with extra large table top
Infusion Stand
Infusion stand
For every need
  • Also suitable for suspending electric infusion pumps in the operating theatre and on the ward.
  • Available in versions
    • classical infusion stand
    • one-hand model

Laundry and Waste Trolley
Laundry and Waste Trolley
Cleanly stashed
  • The transport trolley for laundry or waste, for used operating theatre gowns or waste of any kind.
  • Available in versions:
    • single (for 1 laundry or waste bag)
    • double (for 2 laundry or waste bags
Bowl Stand
Bowl Stand
Flexible and functional
  • Bowl stands safely hold solutions, liquids, cloths, etc.
  • Available in versions:
    • single
    • double
    • and with integrated heater (for heating of rinsing solutions)
Operating Theatre Shoe Rack
Shoe Rack
Useful helpers
  • For shoe storage in the entry and exit areas of the OT
  • Available in different sizes as well as in versions:
    • mobile
    • wall-mounted