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Welded assemblies


Completing of deep-drawn parts and folding parts to form assemblies

Deep-drawn parts and folding parts are often completed to form high-quality assemblies, usually welding assemblies. We can utilise qualified employees and modern welding systems for this purpose.

We consult our customers in the selection of connection technology. Regardless of whether welding, adhesive bonding of screwing is concerned, we always look for the optimum solution for your needs together with you. In the process, we utilise our expertise in all aspects of steel.

Examples of our production expertise
Heat exchangers
Brilliant composition.

It combines everything that makes a precision part for masterpiece: The heat exchanger is manufactured from various stainless steels. Processed according to all tricks in stainless steel processing: deep-drawing, edging and laser welding.  The intelligent jig for welding is a peak performance of construction. At the very end it proves true BLANCO Professional quality – in a severe leak test.

The heart of the bakery

Large loaves or small bread rolls – baking is love as well as high-tech. We supply stainless steel interiors for this which have impressive dimensions. They are welded seamlessly, with narrow radii and are dimensionally stable.

The part cleaner
The part cleaner

is fully manufactured, including electrical installation. The housing is edged and welded and has large dimensions. It is ready for use in a range of sites, such as vehicle workshops, and cleans dirty tools.

It's all going on inside.

Complex assemblies like the interior of a dishwasher require the highest degree of forming. Deep-drawn and edge parts are cleverly combined, welded assemblies are tightly welded and tested.

Absolutely hygienic.

So that a bone bandsaw withstands high pressure, it is hand-made using particularly thick material. The seamless finishing fulfils the highest hygienic standards.

Shower element
Sleeker showering with stainless steel.

With its satined surface, the shower element enhances its perfect appearance and minimises cleaning effort.