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Production technology

Latest welding technologies at BLANCO

We use the versatile application options offered by modern welding technology. Our customers benefit from this know-how with solutions matched to the product. Here our focus is on economy and quality.

For example, a robot welding cell with patented inert-gas welding technology was installed especially for the production of cooking rooms. The result: top-quality welding seams combined with economical production.

And other welding robots and systems for TIG welding work are added. Thanks to our highly qualified employees, our competences covering all aspects of welding technology also include hand welding.

Welding processes
Welding processes
  • TIG and MAG welding with robots
  • Plasma welding with robot
  • Spot welding
  • Electric-arc stud welding
  • Laser welding
  • Hand welding

Welding robots

WIG welding robots

Trumpf 5-axis laser

Trumpf 5-axis laser

The TruLaser Cell 7040 by Trumpf is equipped with a solid-state laser source and 4 kW laser power. It enables you to realise customer requests even quicker. After all, this machine is capable of both laser welding and cutting.