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Production technology

Stamping and folding technology

An ultramodern sheet-metal machining centre is available to BLANCO for stamping and folding. This system with a length of approximately 50 meters stamps, deburrs and edges sheet-metal parts without interrupting the production cycle. This clearly reduces the need for temporary storage of semi-finished parts, enabling production of small lot sizes. And that makes BLANCO flexible in the realisation of your requests.

Stamping machines and folding presses

Flexible, automated stamping machines and folding presses are also available in addition to the sheet-metal centre.

Overview of the sheet-metal centre
Overview of the sheet-metal centre

Sheet-metal centre

Technical data
  • 15 storage levels with a storage weight of 3 tonnes each
  • 65 tools in the stamping head immediately accessible without a tool change
  • max. 2 mm stainless steel
  • Working range 3000 mm x 1500 mm
  • Deburring on both sides without damaging the film on CNS metal sheet
  • Max. folding length 2500 mm
  • Max. folding length 165 mm
  • Production of finished sheet-metal panels including deburring in one pass
Stamping and folding