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Plate dispensers Kids – LITTLE EXTRAS.


Extra small:

a child-friendly serving system such as BASIC LINE Kids is adapted to children's height with lower serving system modules. There are now two unheated BLANCO plate dispensers in a time-tested design, ideal for a serving height of 750 mm:

  • TS-1 18-33 Kids
  • TS-2 18-33 Kids

Extra versatile:

round or rectangular, large or small – the new square plate tube can take on anything. Because of the practical hole pattern, the plate dispensers can be quickly and easily adjusted to fit almost any dish shape. Using additional plate guides, you can store up to four stacks of plates, dishes or small bowls in a single tube.


Little extras:

  • Removable plate tube
  • The Easy Setting System for adjusting plate dispensers to the weight of plates and dishes is tool-free
  • Optional refilling signal
  • Retaining clip for lids
  • Optional hanging frame for Gastronorm containers

PDF download

You will find an overview of all available modules in our teaser.

Teaser "Plate dispensers for kids" (0,43 MB)

The perfect complement to a harmonious ambience:

You can select from the 14 plate dispenser body colours to match your BASIC LINE serving system.

  • Signal white RAL 9003
  • Pearl white RAL 1013
  • Pale brown RAL 8025
  • Stone grey RAL 7030
  • Umbra grey RAL 7022
  • Traffic grey B RAL 7043
  • Graphite black RAL 9011
  • Broom yellow RAL 1032
  • Carmine red RAL 3002
  • Sapphire blue RAL 5003
  • Raspberry Pantone 228 C
  • Lime Pantone 382 C
  • Espresso Pantone 4695 C
  • Apple green Pantone 370 C

Optional: Body powder-coated in a variety of colours

abdeckhaube transparent

Optional: Hooded cover, square, transparent, polycarbonate

silver-grey hooded cover

Optional: Hooded cover, square, silver-grey, made of EPP

GN hanging frame

Optional: GN hanging frame on the short side, stainless steel, for hanging 3 GN 1/6

Other accessories

  • Retaining clip for hooded covers, synthetic
  • 4 additional plate guide rods, steel, Rilsan-coated
  • Low plate guide rods, to the upper edge of the plate tube flange, steel, Rilsan-coated
  • Refilling signal, red (1 piece)
  • Cleaning drawer
  • All-round bumper rail