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With a licene to breathe freely

The BLANCO COOK Front Cooking System

Frying and sizzling, cooking and stir-frying result in cooking fumes which rise up.
The extraction bridge of the BLANCO COOK front cooking station collects these fumes above the cooking units, which makes it significantly more efficient than other methods.
The BLANCO COOK front cooking station is now available with changeable panelling. It is joined by the new, mobile placement table and the colourful plate dispenser to offer pure cooking pleasure that will impress your guests, too.

The new BLANCO COOK front cooking station is the heart of the mobile cooking system. With its highly efficient extraction and filter technology, it ensures an optimum climate and frees you from stationary extractor hoods.


The most important new features at a glance:

  • Reduced extraction bridge for ideal visibility
  • Highly effective filter system (ION TEC)
  • Electronic control with filter change indicator
  • Large storage surface on the odour filter boxes
  • Free usable space below the device placement shelf
  • Castor model: Solid synthetic castors, 75 mm dia, 8 steering castors, 2 of which have brakes
  • The fronts and sides can be chosen in different colours.


Treat yourself to state-of-the-art technology in a timeless design, select your own combination of front cooking station and cooking units – modern and functional from BLANCO COOK.


The BLANCO COOK front cooking station is available with changeable panelling
BLANCO COOK new colours
An attractive breath of fresh air and simpler handling.

Your new BLANCO COOK front cooking station can be equipped with colourful panelling made of powder-coated thin sheet in 13 different BLANCO colours.The fronts and sides can be chosen in different colours. Alternatively, the front can also be fitted with Resopal laminated sheet material in the finish Plain Colors or Woodgrains in different colours.
The panelling is easy to mount and can be changed at any time – to suit your rooms, colour scheme or motto.

Clear air, with ION TEC if desired
The multi-stage model for a comfortable atmosphere:
  • (1) Vacuum and a three-sided air stream guide the fumes to the extraction bridge.
  • (2) In the extraction bridge the grease is separated.
  • (3) Fleece and grease filters absorb moisture and aerosols.
  • (4) Odour particles and blue smoke are reduced with the optional ION TEC filter system.
  • (5) Activated charcoal binds odour molecules.
  • (6) The cleaned air exits downward.




The following products are available:
BLANCO COOK Fume Extraction Module BC FS 2.1
BLANCO COOK Frontcooking-Station BC FS 2
For a maximum of 2 table-top cooking units
BLANCO COOK Fume Extraction Module BC FS 3.1
BLANCO COOK BC ES 3 Fume Extraction Module
For a maximum of 3 table-top cooking units
BLANCO COOK Fume Extraction Module BC FS 4.1
For a maximum of 4 table-top cooking units
The mobile placement table
mobile placement table
Saves time and energy.

Roll instead of carry – with the new, mobile placement table, transport and changing your table-top cooking units becomes a piece of cake. The placement table can be retrofitted at any time. The shelf shown is available as an option and is easy to insert, without the need for any screws. Available for 2, 3 or 4 table-top units and suitable for all BLANCO COOK front cooking stations.The mobile placement table is simply rolled into the BLANCO COOK front cooking station with the table-top cooking units and the show cooking is ready to commence.


Catering Star 2016 in gold for BLANCO COOK

Colour is the root of life
new colours

With the 13 carefully selected colours by BLANCO Professional, you can bring a breath of fresh air to everyday life and make the special things even more attractive.


Perfect protection

The continuous cough protection ensures the best hygiene. It can be easily folded down for cleaning.

Converted in a jiffy

The cooktops worktop can be easily removed, for example, to accommodate a standalone unit.

Freedom for busy hands

Because the extraction bridge is very thin, more room is left for arranging and placing food.

BLANCO CONTROL – clear and simple

The electronic controller with clear symbols makes operating the front cooking station simple. The filter change indicator automatically reminds you to change or clean the filter.

Spotlight on

Integrated and flush LED spots illuminate the entire work surface ideally and put food in the right light.

Creates space

The multi-frame offers space for secondary activities such as setting down and storing items. Simply insert a GN container or lay in a glass shelf to create an additional work surface.

Rails for any situation

Please insert anything which should be stored directly under the cooking units here. Food and cooking utensils can disappear into GN 1/1 containers of any depth.

For easy cleaning

Simply lift the lid, remove the grease filter and put them into the dishwasher – without any tools whatsoever.