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BLANCO Professional is two-time Best Partner 2018/2019
Best Partner 2018/2019

The commercial kitchen retail trade has evaluated its suppliers across Germany. BLANCO Professional achieved first place as Best Partner 2018/2019 not once, but twice as it topped the Front Cooking and Logistics award categories.


The new low height Kids plate dispensers
Kids plate dispensers header

A child-friendly serving system such as BASIC LINE Kids is adapted to children's height with lower serving system modules. There are now two unheated BLANCO plate dispensers in a time-tested design, ideal for a serving height of 750 mm.

Plate dispensers Kids

Variety in Series
BLANCO BASIC LINE Food servery system

With the re-launch of the Basic Line food serving system, BLANCO Professional presents four equipment variants, each carefully matched to particular customer requirements for food presentation.


A variety of colours and personalised logo
BLANCOTHERM synthetic models with coloured handles

With their new options, the BLANCOTHERM synthetic food transport containers mean the sky’s the limit when it comes to customisation.


BLANCO COOK front cooking station upgrade
BLANCO COOK new colours

BLANCO Professional is kicking off the 2017 season with the launch of an upgraded version of the successful BLANCO COOK front cooking station. New highlights are more panelling options and significantly simplified handling for the customer.


Everything for mobile cooking. Brand new front cooking website.
Front cooking website

Fancy some fresh concepts? The new front cooking website by BLANCO Professional is now online. It serves as an initial source of information for those interested in front cooking.

Gold for BLANCO COOK with variable panels.
Auszeichnung Catering-Star 2016 in Gold
Catering Star 2016

BLANCO COOK was awarded the first prize at the "Catering Star 2016" in the "Food Dispensing & Transportation Systems" category. With colourful panels for front cooking stations, tray dispensers, tray clearing trolleys and the BASICLINE food servery system, BLANCO Professional offers a comprehensive colour concept in the guest room.

Front cooking station

New products 2016
New products 2016

An attractive breath of fresh air and simpler handling: the BLANCO COOK front cooking station is now available with changeable panelling. It is joined by the new, mobile placement table and the colourful plate dispenser to offer pure cooking pleasure that will impress your guests, too.


New products 2016 (0,98 MB)
The new generation of BLANCO COOK table-top units
Two induction zones
Three good friends

Two intelligent induction hobs and the large, high-performance griddle are the precursors of the new generation of table-top units, available from July 2015.

The new generation of BLANCO tray clearing trolleys
Tray clearing trolleys
The clearers

The new generation of BLANCO tray clearing trolleys quickly ensure order in self-service areas, such as canteens, cafeterias and company restaurants.

Storage and transport for Gastronorm lids with seal
GDD top-mounted frame
Perfectly parked

The ideal solution for the correct storage, drying, transport and dispensing of Gastronorm lids with form-fitting seal.


Double victory at the Kitchen Award 2013
Kitchen Award 2013

Nearly 600 chefs and kitchen managers across Germany have decided: the BLANCOTHERM ECO-C food transport containers and the BLANCO COOK front cooking station clinch the "Kitchen Award 2013".


BLANCO COOK front cooking station
BLANCO COOK front cooking station
The new generation of the mobile cooking system – with ION TEC

The new BLANCO COOK front cooking station is the heart of the mobile cooking system. With its highly efficient extraction and filter technology, it ensures an optimum climate and frees you from stationary extractor hoods.


The attractive panelling for your BLANCO serving trolleys
BLANCO serving trolley panelling
The new BLANCO serving trolley panelling

There is no need to hide the new panelling for BLANCO serving trolleys. It can be used anywhere a privacy shield is desired. In the guest area, clean dishes are protected while used dishes stay hidden.

Stylish Gastronorm containers for perfectly presented food.
BLANCO Gastronorm containers
The new BLANCO Buffet Line

Lead your guests into appetising temptation. Set an inviting scene for your food with the new Buffet Line from BLANCO in elegant black or bold white.