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BASIC LINE Food serving system
The versatile food serving system.  New Perfect food presentation for every taste and budget. The new Smart, Emotion, Design and Kids equipment variants, with their defined presence, modular structure and improved functions offer unlimited scope.
English img-basic (4,27 MB) Download: img-basic-line_enex_rz.pdf Copies
German basic-line-img (3,23 MB) Download: basic-line-img-dd.pdf Copies
Resopal Decors „COLOURS“ and „WOODS“
for BLANCO COOK, BASIC LINE and MANHATTAN  New For greater variety in colour and material combinations: the panelling consisting of a wooden panel, faced with Resopal laminated sheet material, available in about 200 different Resopal decors.
New products 2017
Frontcooking-System BLANCO COOK and food transport containers BLANCOTHERM K  New BLANCO COOK front cooking station upgrade – with optimized filter system, with more panelling options and significantly simplified handling.

New options for BLANCOTHERM Synthetic – designed to provide customisation.
English neuheiten-2017- (0,22 MB) Download: neuheiten-2017-cook_blt-k-enex.pdf Copies
German neuheiten-2017- (0,22 MB) Download: neuheiten-2017-cook_blt-k-dd.pdf Copies
New products spring 2016
Cheerful, versatile, practical:  Fresh colours, more flexibility and smooth work with the new products from BLANCO Professional.
English New_products_sp (0,98 MB) Download: New_products_spring_2016.pdf Copies
German Neuheiten_Frueh (2,51 MB) Download: Neuheiten_Fruehjahr_2016.pdf Copies
Food distribution
Convenience on a conveyor.  Skilfully cooked food should still taste great when it reaches your guests. The high quality assistants for storage, portioning, transport and serving are always on hand to help.
English Food_distributi (4,33 MB) Download: Food_distribution.pdf Copies
German Speisenverteilu (4,32 MB) Download: Speisenverteilung.pdf Copies
Tray Clearing Trolleys
A clean-cut case for self-service.  Dish return without chaos with tray clearing trolleys by BLANCO Professional. Made of stainless steel.
English Tray_clearing_t (0,70 MB) Download: Tray_clearing_trolleys.pdf Copies
German Tablettabraeumw (0,55 MB) Download: Tablettabraeumwagen.pdf Copies
The mobile, versatile cooking system for front cooking and catering.  Treat yourself to state-of-the-art technology in a timeless design, select your own combination of front cooking station and cooking units – modern and functional from BLANCO COOK.
English COOK_en.pdf (1,81 MB) Download: COOK_en.pdf Copies
German COOK_d.pdf (1,41 MB) Download: COOK_d.pdf Copies
Gastronorm Containers
Stainless steel and polycarbonat GN containers  More than just “standard”: GN containers by BLANCO Professional.
English GN_System_en.pd (6,81 MB) Download: GN_System_en.pdf Copies
German GN_System.pdf (6,58 MB) Download: GN_System.pdf Copies
GDD top-mounted frame
Well stored.  The GDD top-mounted frame is the ideal solution for the correct storage, drying, transport and dispensing of Gastronorm lids with form-fitting seal.
English Top_mounted_fra (0,21 MB) Download: Top_mounted_frame_GDD.pdf
German GDD_Aufsatzgest (0,31 MB) Download: GDD_Aufsatzgestell.pdf Copies
Good on the go. Synthetic food transport containers.  A hot innovation from BLANCO Professional – the adjustable interior temperature for outstanding food quality.
BLANCOTHERM E Food transport container made of stainless steel
Finesse for good eating.  Large quantities of food represent special challenges in the field of food transport. With the BLANCOTHERM E system family, you’ll be ready for anything. It combines a stylish appearance, perfected technology and maximum convenience.
English BLANCOTHERM_E_e (0,83 MB) Download: BLANCOTHERM_E_en.pdf Copies
German BLANCOTHERM_E_d (0,83 MB) Download: BLANCOTHERM_E_d.pdf Copies
Tray transport trolley
Strong support.  Quality that draws attention: BLANCO tray transport trolleys – for safe and hygienic food distribution in the tray system.
English Tray_transport_ (0,66 MB) Download: Tray_transport_trolley_EN.pdf
German Tablett (0,66 MB) Download: Tablett-Transportwagen.pdf
Banquet Trolley
Positioned perfectly to serve instantaneously  Hot or cold: With BLANCO banquet trolleys, everything arrives as fresh as if it came directly from the kitchen.
Food serving trolleys and food transport trolleys
Gets you moving.  With the food serving and transport trolleys, you’re always a step ahead in food distribution.
English SAW-SAG (1,18 MB) Download: SAW-SAG-STW_img_enEX.pdf Copies
German SAW-SAG (1,18 MB) Download: SAW-SAG-STW_img_dD.pdf Copies
Trays, plates, soup bowls: dispensers by BLANCO Professional make sure you’re always on the right track.  Whether for catering or portioning: the rugged dispensers by BLANCO Professional offer the perfect support for your process chain.
English SpenderEN.pdf (1,60 MB) Download: SpenderEN.pdf Copies
German SpenderDE.pdf (1,61 MB) Download: SpenderDE.pdf Copies
Serving- and Clear-up trolleys
A First-class finish for a long service life  The serving and clearing trolleys for transport, temporary storage and stocking.
English Serving_clean (1,01 MB) Download: Serving_clean-up_trolleys.pdf Copies
German Servierwagen.pd (0,79 MB) Download: Servierwagen.pdf Copies
Shelf trolleys
Have a good trip.  Loading, storing, transporting and serving. BLANCO shelf trolleys are ideal for multifunctional use and provide plenty of room for GN containers, GN sheets, GN trays and GN grates.
MANHATTAN Food servery system - module overview
MANHATTAN Modules and Options 
English MANHATTAN_Produ (1,81 MB) Download: MANHATTAN_Product_overview.pdf Copies
German MANHATTAN_Produ (1,81 MB) Download: MANHATTAN_Produktbersicht.pdf Copies
MANHATTAN Food serving system - References
Samples of the food serving system 
English MANHATTAN_crede (5,29 MB) Download: MANHATTAN_credentials.pdf Copies
German MANHATTAN_Rrefe (5,88 MB) Download: MANHATTAN_Rreferenzen.pdf Copies
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