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Welcome to INTERNORGA 2019


Flexible and individual, this is how we present ourselves at the INTERNORGA 2019 with new and exciting products, explore food serving systems from completely new angles and plan your dream project live with you in the 3D Configurator.

We look forward to welcoming you soon at our booth.

New products from our Kids range


Admittedly, our products for the little ones with the greatest hunger are a matter of the heart. For this reason, we are expanding our product range for children with the BT 400 Kids cutlery and tray trolley and the BLANCO Kids serving trolleys in various designs and optionally with panelling in 14 colors.

Catering for children works best when the food presentation and all the surroundings are also adapted to the size of children.

Visit our

to get additional information in advance.

BASIC LINE is anything but basic


We explore food serving systems from completely new angles. There is very little "basic" in our BASIC LINE, most of it can be adapted to your application requirements.

Augmented Reality meets 3D Configurator


What does your perfect catering solution look like? Show us with the 3D Configurator - it's easy. And while we're at it, we'll put your configuration on the booth via AR and look at it from every angle.

SAG visibly new and fresh


SAG presents itself in a new dress - fresher, more colourful, friendlier.

The food distribution trolleys will be available from May 2019 with special film decoration. You can choose from 14 colours to personalise your food serving trolley.

food "Quiz the Cook"

BBQ, Asian or pasta?
Front cooking as it should be - you decide spontaneously what you are looking for, and our show cooks prepare your favorite dish. This is how flexible our front cooking station BLANCO COOK is.

SW Serving trolleys take on new tasks

Serving trolleys take on completely new tasks from now on. At our booth, you will experience the new application possibilities for our classics.


Heating, keeping warm, keeping cool - transport safely.
The all-rounder and perfect team player in food logistics.

sghad Food distribution

Cook and Chill, or Cook and Serve?
The right solution is available at our booth.

GN GN containers

The classic that is indispensable in any kitchen.

nca Next Chef Award 2019

This year we are participating once again, when the best young chefs in Germany compete in the kitchen.

messe A look back to Internorga 2018

Impressions from last year
This year you can expect even more