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Deep-drawing technology

BLANCO - your partner when it comes to deep-drawn parts

BLANCO has powerful machines for deep drawing:

  • Presses with a pressing force of 100 to 4000 tonnes and the Multi-Point Control System (3-way)
  • Fully-automated press line with up to four presses, robot interfacing and downstream deburring station
  • Maximum press table size 3700 x 3000 mm
  • Deep drawing up to 440 mm possible
  • Active and passive drawing process

Renowned companies value our deep drawing expertise. One of our greatest strengths is the subsequent further processing of deep-drawn parts to assemblies.

Press line

Press line

Automated press line in Plant 1 in Oberderdingen, Germany

Deep-drawing table

Deep drawing

Table for large sheet-metal parts (max. 3700 x 3000 mm).