GN-Container Stainless steel



Accessories for Gastronorm containers

GN accessories
Gastronorm grates
These allow you to store and transport bowls, plates and cups in a Gastronorm-compliant way. Thanks to the temperature resistance up to +280 °C, you can even use the stainless-steel grates for grilling. GN grates from BLANCO are also available with a non-slip Rilsan coating.

Insert crossbars
With these, you can combine smaller GN containers to make up the size of GN 1/1. For example in bain-marie wells or serving trolleys. They are available in lengths of 325 mm or 530 mm.
Insert bases
For laying in the GN container as spacers between the base and the food. For example, to allow salad to drain thoroughly.

  • Sizes from GN 1/1 to GN 1/3
  • In stainless steel or polycarbonate
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