Food transport with quantity and quality

Large quantities of food represent special challenges in the field of food transport. With the BLANCOTHERM E system family, you’ll be ready for anything. It combines a stylish appearance, perfected technology and maximum convenience.

It is available in three sizes, unheated and with convection heating. BLANCOTHERM EUK models with active convection cooling supplement this. All models are compatible with the plastic system family and the 5-star BLANCOTHERM quality is extremely pursuasive: technology, design, material, function and accessories — all the very best, all at a fair price.

Versatile enough to handle any situation: Available as a front loader, front and top loader, unheated, with convection heating and with convection cooling. An extensive range of accessories rounds out the line.

The watertight inner body with no dirt-catching joints offers you optimum hygiene (hygienic design H1, protected against sprayed water).

The double-walled stainless-steel unit body and the superb insulation of CFC-free PUR foam ensure even temperature distribution: Cold food stays fresh and hot food stays delicious for hours.

Mobile: All models have stable castor receptacles.

The BLANCOTHERM E system family has everything you need. Always the perfect solution for cafeterias, social facilities, canteens, dining halls or catering of large-scale events.

The BLANCOTHERM system family. Always one innovation ahead.

BLANCOTHERM E food transport containers are avalilable in the following versions:

E +K Everything fits in. Just right.

Compatible and combinable with all plastic transport containers. Indentations on the covers allow easy stacking and also make for easy handling.

temp Interior temperature display

High operating comfort with heated and unheated models through simple reading of interior temperature: no mains adapter, no need to open the container door, no temperature loss

rinne Collecting channel for condensation water

A special channel catches exiting condensation water. This minimizes danger of slipping and injury

spannverschluss Quick-action bent-clamp closures

The bent-clamp closure makes for optimum handling: Opened and closed with ease using one hand

griff_e Ergonomical push handle

Ergonomically optimized height and comfortable handle diameter for effortless handling. The integrated impact-protection function also ensures a high degree of safety.

heizmodul Highly-functional heating module, VDE-inspected, IP X5

Easy to operate, remove and clean. The power plug is protected from impact, and the stretchable helix cord does not contact he ground. Optimum for hygiene, safety and long service life.

heissluft Ideal hot-air circulation

Impressions on the rear wall of the inner body ensure optimum hot-air circulation. This retains optimum food quality via even temperature distribution.

DIN-compliant as standard

The rugged synthetic castors already comply with all requirements according to DIN 18867 (Part 8) on the basic equipment level.

boden Its strength: Stability

The rugged synthetic floor panel offers optimum impact protection, the stable castor receptacle and the wide castor spacing provide for a high degree of upright sturdiness and security against tipping.

blech Even refrigeration

A special air baffle provides for a uniform cooling temperature in the entire interior – both above and below, whether half or fully loaded. It’s easy to remove and simple to clean.

wanne No condensation water in the usable space

Thanks to convection cooling, condensation water only results on the evaporator, which is completely separated from the usable space, and is collected in the easy-to-remove catch tray.

anzeige Digital temperature control

User-friendly due to LED display at eye level and integrated On/Off switch. The temperature can be adjusted exactly to the degree and checked from +2 °C to +15 °C.

gebläse High ground clearance

The splash-water protected cooling unit (IPX4) lies above the floor construction, and is therefore outside the danger zone.

kabel Cable on body

The rugged helix cord for the mains connection is extremely stretchable and withstands heavy loading. It is permanently anchored in the body and cannot be lost or forgotten.

innen Watertight inner body

No dirty edges or joints — for optimum hygiene. The edge radii allow easy cleaning. Hygienic design H1 and sprayedwater protection.