BLANCOTHERM K Synthetic food transport containers

Food on the go

BLANCOTHERM Speisentransportbehälter aus Kunststoff halboffen leer Innenbehälter Edelstahl

The BLANCOTHERM K system family is available in five different sizes, with a variety of extras and transport aids, top loader, front loader unheated, heatable and with convection heating.

  • All products work hand in hand, are compatible and have a wide range of uses.
  • Made of deep-drawn synthetic
  • Sturdy and easy to carry
  • Skids fixed to the bottom of the containers ensure a secure grip at all times, even with space-saving stacking.

The double-walled body and the insulation of CFC-free PUR foam ensure even-temperature food transport. With warm food, the temperature drops no more than 1.5 °C an hour (in accordance with DIN EN 12571, exception: BLT 160 K, 320 ECO, 320 ECO-C). With cold food, the temperature rises no more than 0.5 °C an hour (in accordance with DIN EN 12571, exception: BLT 160 K, 320 ECO, 320 ECO-C). For longer-lasting transport or storage periods, the eutectic plate  also ensures optimum cooling.

BLANCOTHERM K is available in following versions:

configurator logo 3D Configurator

Configure your BLANCOTHERM K online in our 3D Configurator.


Stainless-steel clamps with non-slip synthetic handles stand up to even the toughest strains

logo Unmistakeable: BLANCOTHERM K with your logo

Customised text to your specifications, perfectly legible, high-quality laser marking.
Available for just 1 unit or more

Menu card holder WITH MENU CARD HOLDER

Everything in plain view for the logistics: the practical menu cards show what’s cooking and where it’s going.


Made of environmentally-friendly polypropylene, CFC-free, recyclable, food-resistant, non-hazardous

Plug cover A clean-cut case

For the sake of hygiene:
all BLANCOTHERM K units are dishwasher-safe (convection heating: without door)

BLT KBR Outstanding food quality

Heatable BLANCOTHERM with interior temperature adjustable down to the degree from +40 °C to +85 °C or +95 °C. A BLANCO innovation.