With a licence to breathe freely

The BLANCO COOK Front Cooking System

Frying and sizzling, cooking and stir-frying result in cooking fumes which rise up.
The extraction bridge of the BLANCO COOK front cooking station collects these fumes above the cooking units, which makes it significantly more efficient than other methods.

With its highly efficient extraction and filter technology, BLANCO COOK ensures the best climate and makes you independent from stationary extraction hoods.

BLANCO COOK Front Cooking-Stations

The following products are available:

BC FS 2.1

for max. 2 BLANCO COOK table-top units

BLANCO COOK Frontcooking-Station BC FS 2

BC FS 3.1

for max. 3 BLANCO COOK table-top units

BLANCO COOK BC ES 3 Fume Extraction Module

BC FS 4.1

for max. 4 BLANCO COOK table-top units

BLANCO COOK Frontcooking-Station BC FS 4

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One station, four designs

From the built-in variant to the exceptionally mobile to-go version, everything is possible with the I-flex.

I-flex 1 Grundausstattung I-flex built-in I-flex to go I-flex 1 Schuko

BC I-flex basic equipment

The basic version of the BC I-flex includes the integrated extraction bridge, standard castors and a permanently built-in induction hob. It can be extended to incorporate different options and a wide selection of accessories.

BC I-flex built-in

Specially designed for shopfitting, the BC I-flex built-in fulfils requirements for tailor-made solutions. It can be precisely integrated into interior design concepts or permanently installed in a counter system.

BC I-flex to go

Especially suitable for catering and out-of-house assignments. The BC I-flex to go’s equipment includes a bumper rail, a push handle and large, sturdy stainless-steel castors. This makes it a reliable companion no matter where you need to cook.

BC I-flex 1

Whatever the electric current, the BC I-flex 1 with a Schuko plug can be connected to commercially available Schuko socket outlets. This model is equipped with an induction hob which can be positioned on the left or right. The additional neutral area can be used for storing or arranging.


configurator logo

3D Configurator

Please use our configurator system and create your own personal BLANCO COOK.


The details at a glance:

  • Reduced suction bridge for optimum visibility
  • Highly effective filter system (ION TEC)
  • Electronic control with filter change indicator
  • Spacious storage space on the odor filter boxes
  • Free space below the device setting board
  • Roller version: Full-wheel plastic rollers ø 75 mm, 8 castors, 2 of them with fixing
  • Fronts and sides can be designed in different colors.

Give yourself the latest technology in timeless design, choose your own combination of front cooking station and cooking appliances - modern and functional by BLANCO COOK.

The front cooking station BLANCO COOK with interchangeable panel

Beautiful variety and simplified handling.

Optionally, you can equip your new BLANCO COOK front cooking station with a colored panel of powder coated sheet in 13 new BLANCO colors. Fronts and sides can be designed in different colors. Alternatively, the front can also be coated with Resopal laminate in "Plain Colors" or "Woodgrains" in many other colors.
The panels are easy to fit and can be replaced at any time - to suit your rooms, your color concept, your motto.

Undermount refrigerated table


2 wing doors, 2 height-adjustable support pockets for Gastronorm containers (max. 2 x GN 1/1), for retraction in BC FS 3, BC FS 4

Clear air, with ION TEC if desired

The multi-stage model for a comfortable atmosphere:

Fresh air with IonTec
  1. Vacuum and a three-sided air stream guide the fumes to the extraction bridge.
  2. In the extraction bridge the grease is separated.
  3. Fleece and grease filters absorb moisture and aerosols.
  4. Odour particles and blue smoke are reduced with the optional ION TEC filter system.
  5. Activated charcoal binds odour molecules.
  6. The cleaned air exits downward.

The filter system ION TEC filters blue smoke and prolongs the service life of the activated carbon.

That's how it works:

The filter system IonTec
  1. In the pre-filter stages coarse particles, e.g. Grease separated.
  2. In the ionizer, the particles flowing through are positively charged by an electrostatic voltage field. In addition, high-reactivity ozone is formed from oxygen.
  3. In the collector stage, the positively charged particles adhere to the negatively charged plates and are thus deposited (especially aerosols).
  4. In the oxidation process, the ozone decomposes odors and blue smoke.
  5. Particles attached to activated carbon, which have not yet been deposited, react with the residual ozone. The activated charcoal is thereby cleaned, the service life thereby significantly extended.
  6. Oxygen, carbon dioxide and water are released as end products to the environment.


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