BLANCO additional components.

Additional components

Bain-maries and supplementary products for serving and in the kitchen.

From different bain-maries for your food servery and cutlery, napkin and cup dispensers to spice pourer holders – the additional components complete the picture.

BLANCO additional components:

Bain-marie wells
The right bain-marie for every requirement.
  • GN outside container in GN 2/1 and GN 1/1
  • Tabletop bain-marie for installation
  • Build-in bain-marie with or without insulation housing
  • Weld-in bain-marie, seamlessly deep-drawn
Cutlery and napkin dispenser
Cutlery and napkin dispenser
Well-served with cutlery and napkin dispensers.
  • Tabletop, build-in and underframe napkin dispenser made of CNS
  • Cutlery dispenser with 4 removable cutlery holders
  • CNS Cutlery container for use in trolleys and free-standing
  • Cutlery basket, perforated, made of synthetic or CNS
  • Combined cutlery and napkin dispenser
Cup dispenser
Cup dispenser
Well dispensed, well poured.
  • CNS cup dispenser
  • For cup diameter 60–90 mm or 65–90 mm
  • Also for wall-mounting
Spice containers
Spice containers
The right spices are important.
  • CNS spice container
  • Synthetic spice jar
  • CNS spice pourer for 0.9/1.6/2.8 litre capacity
  • CNS spice pourer holder
Other additional components
We’ve also thought of these features.
  • CNS dip container for serving utensils (adjoining figure)
  • CNS hose holder (not shown)