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Environmental guidelines

The conservation and protection of our environment is part of our company policy. We are aware that the economic success of the company can only be assured in the long term if we consistently take account of environmental requirements. Environmental protection, quality and occupational safety are an integral part of our management system.

Our products and processes

Through the environmentally friendly design of our products and production processes we are able to make an active contribution to maintaining an environment which provides a good quality of life in the long term. We therefore welcome the fact that the environmental compatibility, durability and reusability of products are becoming more and more of a decisive factor in economic competition. We regularly fully document our monitoring processes to ensure that, as a minimum, we comply with the legal requirements. Our objective is furthermore to reduce the environmental impact of our production and products more than is required by law to an economically acceptable minimum. Our intention is to lead the way in our industry. When developing new products, optimising existing products and procedures, and choosing our raw materials, we consistently take into account environmental findings.

We examine the requests our customers make for environmental compatibility, durability and reusability and incorporate them into our products wherever possible. We satisfy the desires expressed by our customers to be better informed about the environmental aspects of our production programme by having an open and communicative information policy.
The choice of supplier is of great importance if we are to meet the environmental standards we set. We therefore acquaint them with our environmental guidelines and environmental standards and their implications from the very beginning. Preference is, of course, given to those suppliers who are thoroughly committed to tackling environmental issues.
We feel we have an obligation to fully and fairly inform the public of our own accord.
Our criteria, our openness, a willingness to talk and a consciously perceived responsibility.
Our Employees
At Blanco, occupational safety is an integral part of a holistic concept. We use regular, documented risk assessments of the workplaces to findĀ andĀ eliminate problems. We expect our employees to consciously and rigorously take on their responsibility for the environment.
We use carefully directed training and further education courses to provide staff with the knowledge they require.
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